Recent events in Lebanon have shown how easy it is for the Lebanese to suddenly find themselves walled up inside their own frontiers, isolated from the rest of the world, forcibly separated from their family and friends abroad. The events have also shown how other type of frontiers, psychological ones, are forming inside the country, generating animosities between those who had been peacefully living alongside one another.

Lebanese Without Frontiers is a website, but more broadly it is a non-profit, non-political association dedicated to helping abolish such frontiers. It seeks to develop ties between all Lebanese “those in Lebanon and in the diaspora” and between Lebanese and their non-Lebanese friends all over the world.

Our website allows you to post your stories and views online, to tell us about yourselves and your projects, and to share your vision of a brighter future. We hope that these stories, set down in a timeline, will help create one strand of a collective memory that will allow us to pay tribute to Lebanon as a heritage and a laboratory of cultures and cosmopolitanism.

A worrying reality has been evident in the last few years: Lebanon can reach a point of no return when its people drift apart. If you agree that we must not allow this to happen, then let us not miss opportunities to get to know each other better. If you believe that it only takes a bit of faith and a collective effort to preserve the Lebanese spirit of openness, please use this website to help tear down the barricades in our minds. Join us in our undertaking to be Lebanese without frontiers.

Mireille Merhej Young