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Raissa Batakji

Communications Manager, Lebanon

11/04/2009 | Projects

Teach for Lebanon

In August 2008, and following two years of feasibility studies, Teach For Lebanon, a Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), was finally launched. The organization aims to eliminate educational inequality while fostering youth leadership and promoting civic engagement.

Teach For Lebanon works in three major phases:

* Recruitment of the top graduates coming from different academic backgrounds. That includes recruitment campaigns on university campuses, and online applications. The finalists will sit for an assessment day, which would determine the fellows’ final selection.

* Training of selected graduates to become full-time teachers (Fellows). This will take place through a six-week intensive summer institute, focusing on teaching methods and building skills.

* Placement of fellows to teach for two consecutive academic years in selected underprivileged schools in remote locations across the country. They will be integrated within the community and make sure that their students are receiving the best possible quality education.

Our program does not stop at this stage but extends to a follow up phase in which the organization will help Teach For Lebanon alumni to build their career lives and/or achieve goals of higher education, with the help of our partners. This entails providing them with full scholarships for graduate studies and/or job opportunities.

The program also gives high importance to selecting the schools where fellows will be placed. Our targets are free or semi-free private elementary schools from all across Lebanon, which lack the proper resources and capabilities to provide quality education in remote areas of the country.

Teach For Lebanon is part of a global network, Teach For All, which includes eleven countries. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Chile, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, South Africa, India, Australia, and Lebanon are the members of the growing global network.